The winner of the “Vucina Vasovic” award has been selected

After the session of the three-member commission, the proposal of the researcher Levent Berke Capli, a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh, was chosen as the winning project.

Levent Berke Capli, winner of the “Vucina Vasovic” award

The project aims to explore the dynamics of the growth of religiosity and the possible erosion of democratic and civic culture in the context of growing authoritarian populism.

Applying a conjoint experimental approach that will change the descriptions of political candidates – their ideology, education, party affiliation, political biography – the study will focus on studying individual values, the degree of religiosity, and authoritarian tendencies of voters, and the way they make decisions for which political candidates would vote.

The commission had a demanding task, given the quality of the research proposals that arrived, however, the selected project stood out from the others with its relevance in the context of the current global and local socio-political situation.

The “Vucina Vasovic” award includes infrastructural and financial support to a research project of data collection that will be implemented in Montenegro.


This project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro within the EU and Montenegro programs for employment, education and social protection.

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