The first laboratory for experimental research in Montenegro

MSSLab is dedicated to the experimental research in political science, psychology, sociology, marketing and communication

Dedicated to academics doing research in sociology, communication science, psychology and political science, the laboratory supports experimental testing of complex, multidisciplinary hypotheses. It enables effective examination of various contemporary social phenomena and behavioral patterns.

The laboratory provides companies, NGOs and political actors with a thorough understanding of the needs, attitudes and behaviours of consumers and citizens, as well as experimental testing of various communication strategies before their implementation.

The possibility of precise control of variables

Clear separation of cause and effect

The application of advanced technology in research

Testing communication strategies in isolated conditions

Respondents' reaction to different marketing solutions

A valuable source of information for marketing and communication professionals

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After the session of the three-member commission, the proposal of the researcher Levent Berke Capli, a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh, was chosen as the winning project.
The commission for the "Vucina Vasovic" award, called after a famous Montenegrin political scientist, consists of Damir Kapidzic, associate professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo, Olivera Komar, associate professor at the Faculty of Pol ...

This project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Montenegro within the EU and Montenegro programs for employment, education and social protection.

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