Eye tracking

Eye tracking is a technology that measures eye activity, providing insight into where people look, for how long and what they keep their eyes on, what they ignore, when they blink and how they react to different stimuli.

The information collected by this method is a valuable finding in improving communication and business strategy, as well as in analyzing the behaviour of individuals and social groups.


Eye tracker, a sophisticated device, usually located in front of the observer, monitors the activitiy of the eyeball of the subject with the help of infrared rays. Using special software, the collected data can be analyzed, visualized and interpreted in several ways. The most common method of the interpretation is the analysis of visual trajectory of one or more examinees on the presented audio-visual material.

eye tracking

Consumer behaviour and purchasing decision-making processes are strongly driven by unconsious emotional reactions and other brain processes that cannot be measured using classical research methods.

Eye tracking technology provides insight into the unconcious reactions and motivation of respondents, enabling precise measurement, analysis and optimization of the attention and reaction potential of the consumer.

Precise information

With the help of an eye tracker, it is possible to determine whether the visual composition – the arrangement of elements and information on advertising materials – is created in the most efficient way so as to occupy the attention of consumers and, if not, how it is possible to improve the content.

This technology is used when evaluating and testing TV commercials, photos, services and products, websites, content on social networks, online media planning.

In addition to marketing, eye tracking technology is applied in academic research in political science, communication, psychology and sociology.


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